About Us

Al Aziz Computers entered into business in 1996 with the model to provide sales, support and customer support for various computing products. Initially Alaziz was focused on good customer service and bare bone pc's as the business progressed Alaziz start to provide IT Gadgets like iPod, MP3 Players, Creative Jukebox and Sony CD Rom drives. currently Alaziz with dealing with 76 international brands , the famous ones being, Intel, Nvidia, Amd, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Lacie, Kingston, Hp, Seagate, Western Digital, Fijitsu, Kaspersky, AVG, Apple, IBM, Samsung, LG Electronics, Dell & Compaq.

The Alaziz Brandname is famous for "NOT" compromising on quality, warranty and after sales services of all products sold with the Alaziz brand name. Alaziz also offers corporate services to many NGO's, Multinationals and local businesses in throughout southern Punjab.

Today Alaziz is known as the best laptop display center and resources provider in Multan, Pakistan. Now Alaziz has a complete online store known as Alaziz.pk with full product range in all popular brand names and the Business offers free shipping throughout Pakistan. A full online support staff that handles orders from catalog to shipping, after sales support and quality assurance management. Alaziz primary aim is to be the best computer provider in Pakistan with the most competitive and latest brands and models of all varieties.

Alaziz.Pk  Your online computer solutions partner.