Water Coolers

Water Coolers
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ALSEYE H120Z CPU Cooler 4pin PWM RGB Cooling Fan Quiet Radiator

Gorgeous and amazingCrystal aperture, dazzling LED effectsConcise designThe simple overall design, e..

Rs3,000.00/- Ex Tax: Rs3,000.00/-

ALSEYE M240 240mm Water Cooling CPU Cooler (Black)

This cooler is from their Max series of AIO cooling solutions. The M series coolers are available in..

Rs14,000.00/- Ex Tax: Rs14,000.00/-

ALSEYE O120Z Plus 120mm rgb 4pin PWM cpu cooler for gaming cases

Gorgeous and amazingCrystal aperture, dazzling LED effectsConcise designThe simple overall design, e..

Rs2,799.00/- Ex Tax: Rs2,799.00/-

Alseye X240 Xtreme Diy Kit Liquid Cooler


Rs48,500.00/- Ex Tax: Rs48,500.00/-

Cooler for Alseye DR90 Processor, 120mm, RGB, Intel-AMD, DR90 60DT


Rs6,499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs6,499.00/-

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Red LED with Dual Fan Air cooler Support 1151 AM4

Hyper 212 LEDHyper 212 LED is equipped with PWM fan with red LEDs, providing the best balance betwee..

Rs6,800.00/- Ex Tax: Rs6,800.00/-

Cooler Master Hyper H410R RGB CPU Air Cooler

 Hyper H410R RGB With RGB LED PWM FanPrecise Air FlowDirect Contact TechnologyXtraFlo..

Rs5,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs5,999.00/-

Cooler Master Hyper T200 CPU Cooler

Hyper T200 is a CPU cooler with high efficiency and low sound suppression. Buckle installation is ea..

Rs3,599.00/- Ex Tax: Rs3,599.00/-

Cooler Master MasterAir MA410P RGB CPU Air Cooler Intel/AMD AM4 support

First Introducing the MasterAir MA410P The MasterAir MA410P is the upgraded version of the Mast..

Rs6,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs6,999.00/-

Corsair H45 Hydro Series CW-9060028-WW

MAKE THE MOVE TO LIQUIDYour PC will run cooler and quieter when you replace your CPU’s standard heat..

Rs8,600.00/- Ex Tax: Rs8,600.00/-

Redragon CC-2000 Effect CPU Cooler

REDRAGON CC2000 EFFECT CPU COOLERSome fresh air for your microprocessor with Redragon Effect CC2000 ..

Rs5,499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs5,499.00/-

Redragon CCW-3000 Effect X Water CPU Cooler

Redragon CCW-3000 Effect X Water CPU CoolerHigh performance liquid cooling; that’s Effect X.Alt..

Rs12,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs12,999.00/-

Thermaltake Water Cooler 3.0 120 ARGB Sync

Water 3.0 120 ARGB Sync EditionThermaltake Water 3.0 120 ARGB Sync Edition comes with one 120 mm fan..

Rs15,500.00/- Ex Tax: Rs15,500.00/-